Who can join?

Everyone can join! Only two things are needed: access to a private car and an inclination to help research.

What happens to the insects when ethanol (alcohol) is poured over?

The insect will die. The ethanol is necessary to preserve the DNA of the insects, which is what we use to analyse the insects you have collected.

What will I get from volunteering as an Insectmobile pilot?

You will help the research community and the results of your collecting can help to manage and protect flying insects in Denmark. You are also invited to the Facebook group for volunteer Insectmobile pilots where information is shared on the analytical progress, as well as images from the lab work at the University of Copenhagen. All volunteers are also encouraged to share pictures and movies of their experiences collecting insects.

Is it hard to assemble the net? And is it safe to use?

The net is held open by a tent pole and attached to the car with a magnetic stripe, a nylon strap and two tent guy lines. This way, the net is fixed so that it cannot topple or slip.

The net is designed so that no sharp or rugged parts come into contact with the car.

Is it dangerous to handle the insects when they are collected?

No, it is not dangerous. However, be sure to tighten the string on the collecting bag before removing it. Then the insects cannot escape. Also, hold the bag in the line if you are allergic to bee or wasp stings.

Did you not find an answer to your question?

Then contact us on insektmobilen@snm.ku.dk